Ithaca, New York

Soag Salon Online

State of the Art Gallery Ithaca
( Currently Closed)

When one door closes another one opensWe hope you are staying well and are figuring out how to navigate these times!During the NY Pause, artists at State of the Art Gallery are in their studios producing exciting art. Our gallery doors are literally closed, but we have come together, virtually, envisioning new ways to bring art to you.We have created “SOAG Salon Online“, a place for our artists to share their new work. It’s one of several of our virtual galleries, and it gives you:1. Ever changing brand new art posted directly by members of SOAG2. An ability to comment directly on the pieces that touch you or inspire you3. An ability to interact directly with each artist by means of comments and to read the artists’ own stories about their workWhile we greatly look forward to seeing you at the actual gallery soon, we ask you now to visit the SOAG Salon Online – enjoy the art – get to know the artists – ask questions – tell us what you think!The link is