Ithaca, New York

Online & Through the Window: David Watkins, Jr. & Jan Kather


David Watkins Online Gallery Link

Jan Kather Online Gallery Link

Although SoAG’s physical gallery continues to be closed to the public, you can view the window exhibition whenever you walk by the gallery located at 120 W. State/Martin Luther King, Jr. St. You can visit the online galleries anytime of day from July 1 – August 2.

During the month of July, more work will be released online. The “In The Window” installation will change on July 11 and July 22. Watch for updates throughout the month!

Art can transport us to other worlds that may be familiar, or with unexpected color, appear quite unfamiliar. David Watkins, Jr. and Jan Kather open up new virtual spaces with their online exhibit derived from their studies of the botanical world and the natural landscape. They share the belief that beautiful images invite the viewer to consider that observing nature, and capturing it with a camera, is just the beginning of an artistic journey. No longer obsessed with color fidelity or other traditional dictates of “best photo practices” these works, born in the real world, are shaped in the artists’ digital imaginations. They are tailor made for the world of online exhibition. Starting with this ancient subject matter, their exploration blossoms with the miracle of digital technology, synthesizing new visions of beauty and intrigue.