Ithaca, New York

Patty L. Porter


As an artist I record my most important visual experiences, not in journals or diaries, but on canvas. Work in this show is a visual collections of what I hold dear, what excites me, what I want to explore more deeply, or just what needs to be remembered.

This collection of oil paintings lets me recall the circumstances that led me to want to paint each scene. At times it is just a powerful landscape that speaks to my sensibility, but often it is a gathering of family and friends that makes fond memories worth painting.

The painting process is a way of holding on to these visual memories: atmosphere, space, light, emotions.  As an expressive realistic painter I reserve the right to alter reality and give myself artist license at times to create balance within the facts. Perhaps you’ll notice.

I’ve had the rare experience this past summer of being a full time painter in a studio on the shore of Cayuga Lake. For this I give thanks to my partner for his patient support and to my children for making this possible. I also give thanks to my fellow members at SOAG for all they do in support of every show that goes up on these walls.

Great thanks also goes to Diane Newton for the title, for her wonderful friendship, and for the ease of collaboration leading to this exhibit.